Speech & Drama

(3 – 4 Years)

Making learning as natural and engaging as play

Our focus for the little 3 to 4 year olds is language in action with stories, music, props and characters. With specially selected collection of literature, we enable young children to develop their use of language in a stimulating yet natural setting. Children are encouraged and motivated to develop inquiry-based learning as independence is nurtured in a fun and friendly environment created by our teachers.

In Speech and Drama for Our Little Ones, our students will:

  • Build confidence and expressive communication through reading stories aloud
  • Develop inquiry-based learning as independence is nurtured
  • Foster creativity and imagination through role-play activities
  • Develop fine motor skills, confidence, independence and social skills through free play
  • Learn to focus through exposure to music and movement games

“Language – speech, art and drama – all combined in a VERY loving atmosphere. We are pleased to see such a happy girl coming home from class. Thank you.”