(1½ – 3.5 Years)

Fostering self-control and autonomy

By the time your child is one and a half years old, your child’s growing independence will require a larger playing field enriched with thoughtful activities to enhance learning.

Welcome to the joys of learning through PlayClub – one of to Julia Gabriel Centre’s most sought-after programmes by parents and children alike! PlayClub is a bridge between home and school, offering a stimulating and highly enjoyable programme that offers good language models. Our theme-based curriculum is structured around child-centred themes through activities such as indoor and outdoor play, music, art and craft, hands-on pre-science activities, stories, speech, drama and snacks, and letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours.

In PlayClub our students will:

  • Engage in hands-on activities and interact in different environments with PlayClub’s Magic box time and our unique Alphabet Zoo puppets to work on hand-eye coordination and enhance their sensory and aesthetic awareness
  • Relate and make sense of real-life experiences with our well-loved PlayClub Bears: a Julia Gabriel Centre specialty
  • Learn the social skills of eating together: practice turn-taking, social rituals of dining with peers, be exposed to different types of food during Snack time
  • Express themselves naturally in the form of music, movement and dance