Playclub Independent

(1½ – 3.5 Years)

Capturing moments of autonomy

PlayClub Independent takes our tried and tested PlayClub curriculum and expands it for toddlers ready to do it alone! This programme perfectly bridges the gap between an adult accompanied programme and formal preschool, providing time and opportunities for self-sufficient toddlers to develop greater autonomy before entering preschool.

Our early childhood educators take extra special care to nurture the development and wellbeing of each individual child, inspiring and supporting their desire to participate, interact, explore and discover on their own. With every new initiative, independent little learners grow in confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness, enabling them to approach preschool with excitement and ease.

Activities include:

  • Gross motor play
  • Tabletop activities
  • Stories and puppet shows
  • Magic Box
  • Julia Gabriel Centre SpeechWorks
  • Drama with the PlayClub Bears
  • Exploratory play
  • Music